Sunday, March 14, 2010

Photography series in progress

So far, my working title for this is "Memento Mori" but that may change.

Here are a few images from the series. 

All images copyright Jennifer A. Krause 2010

More here.

All of the these images are 5"x7" ferrotypes (tintypes) on aluminum

copyright Jennifer A. Krause 2010


Chris said...

I'd save the Memento Mori title for your next series.

genevieve said...

yeah i feel like that title is a little precious and i want to save it for when it is really really right. of course, right there with ya, Craddo. ;)

i can't believe the semester is basically over. It feels like it has been a very long one. We should set up summer critiques!! You, me, jeff, lucy, and whoever else we can get. Monthly or bi-monthly and we can bring all the work we have, finished or not, and get beers and do crit. !!

Chris said...

Definitely. I will be continuing my Terminals series through the summer, and it'd be nice to have feedback once in a while.

I'm also thinking we should continue the tradition into the future, after we reach the Jeff threshold where we cannot take any more photo classes at NEIU.