Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sally Mann's "Proud Flesh"

i am going to New York in October to see Sally Mann's show. She is probably as close to an artistic "hero" that i have. She inspires me through and through, and truly keeps me going in so many ways.
Here is the link to the show info from Gagosian Gallery.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

a couple new things

a couple of new things...
This is a blind contour self-portrait drawing (18"x24", felt tip marker on paper) for my first homework assignment for Drawing class. A blind contour is done by not looking at the paper and by following the lines with your eye and your hand does the work, unguided by your visual experience. This is me in my studio.

This next one is a work in progress:

This is a drawing i am calling "the sleepy-eyed fish" for now. It is charcoal, chalk pastel and ink on paper. (roughly 14"x18") Eventually there will be some other abstracted forms along with the fish in the same media, but i am thinking i will add in some watercolor.

More to come soon.