Monday, February 15, 2010

Pixel Painting finally done!

*** This painting was stolen from Northeastern Illinois University on Feb. 21st or 22nd, 2010. If you have any information about the whereabouts of this painting, or the person or persons involved in its theft, please contact Jose Orozco at the NEIU Police Dept. 773-442-4100. If you are in possession of this painting, you may return it to the Art Dept office, or to the mailbox of Mary Porterfield or Mark McKernin no questions asked.  ***

(i feel the need to add, out of my own disappointment and loss, that i mixed over 800 individual colors for this painting.)
Here is my pixel painting i did for my Color Theory class. i opted for the extra credit (go figure...) and added shapes inside the pixel squares, in the style of Chuck Close.
For best viewing:
You should view them together, enlarged, and stand about 10 feet or so from your monitor. (unless you are unable to enlarge, then a bit closer perhaps.)
(you can also look at it with one eye, or squint your eyes to get the right effect.)

"Happy Me"
acrylic on bristol
6" x8"


Lydia Deetz said...

excellent work, it's beautiful.

ricki said...

this is amazing jen!!!! Sad what happened...but you should be proud of yourself for this!

genevieve said...

Thank you very much Ricki, i really appreciate hearing that.
i think i am going to repaint it. Actually, i know i will, just not sure when. It was a lot of hours, and i am not sure if on top of my other schoolwork i will have time before the end of the semester. ;)